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Meet our family:

Scarlett is our red female King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who knows that her color and lovable disposition give her a type of monopoly on human affection, or so she thinks.  We don't shatter her delusions with the truth:  All dogs are equally loved.  Still, Scarlett will offer a "high-five" with her paw that seems to suggest, "I'm your favorite"; and she is definitely adorable.

Gabriella aka Gabby is our tri-colored female King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who is the most sensitive of all of our dogs.  If you ever say "No" to her to break her of the habit of jumping on your leg for attention, she will sit in the corner and pout until you make up with some kindly spoken sentiments.  She is both gentle-spirited and energized love embodied.

Willa is our blenheim (chestnut-and-white) female King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who is the most energetic of all dogs. This little hurricane can demand all of one's attention as she jumps, crawls, and climbs her way toward your heart, physically and figuratively.  

Tobias aka Toby is our blenheim male King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who exemplifies altogether different characteristics from the other dogs.  He is tranquil, patient, and alert; and he defines the real meaning of a lapdog. His traits make him a great sire!

Sebastian, our apricot miniature male poodle, came to us as a young adult and found our kennel family a bit of a culture shock.  He was used to being outside and exposed to the elements but now lives in the lap of luxury in our heated and air-conditioned kennel.  With his timid and shy disposition, you must work hard to earn his trust.

Sahalia aka Sasha is our black-and-white Shih Tzu.  She has the opposite disposition from Sebastian in that she immediately loves, trusts, and snuggles with everyone she meets.  She jumps into your lap without the least hesitancy, having not a shy bone in her body.

Elysium aka Ellie, our female miniature poodle, has proved herself a gentle, nurturing mother; and this came as a surprise since her energy level rivals that of Willa.  Her small physique is no obstacle to her bravery, either.  She is an extremely vocal watchdog, doing her best to protect the other dogs in the kennel.  This is especially amusing given her adult size of six pounds soaking wet!

Garnet joined our family during the fall of 2015.  This red, female King Charles Cavalier Spaniel was born here, a product of Scarlett and Toby.  Garnet has the cutest white markings on her paws, almost as if she is wearing white socks.  She craves attention, especially from our son, her favorite "pet human"!  She will prove a great addition to our breeding stock, with the intent that she produces cavapoos.

Roma was also born in our kennel and is younger than Garnet. She is the offspring of Gabby and Toby. Her keen senses and natural intelligence will make her a great contribution to our breeding stock.

Durga and Harper are sisters. They, too, are Gabby and Toby's offspring. The are our youngest dogs with unlimited energy and playful drive.